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J.C. Penny offering free haircuts for kids on Sunday.

Starting November 4th, J.C. Penny will be offering free haircuts for kids on Sundays at all their stores that feature a Salon.

This offer is valid for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. They allow you to book an appointment ahead of time. Just call 855-JCP-KIDS or stop by your local salon to book an appointment.

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Associated Press writeup on the press release

We will update this page as more details are released.

  • Guest

    their not there

  • Tadiera


  • Brian

    As JC Penny is not a human. Their should actually be “its.” Grammar Nazi’s grammar has been corrected.

    • John

      Technically speaking, JC Penny is a corporation. A corporation is defined as a human. Thus, JC Penny is, indeed, human.

      • YourMomsVagina