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Jarritos Mexican Style Soda Prize Pack

On October 15th, 2011 @free began an entertaining contest in which followers could enter to win a total package of 11 bottles of Jarritos Soda, 2 masked wrestling action figures, and 1 wrestler’s mask.  Entry to the contest was simple; Followers had to simply tweet about the contest by clicking a widget on, which would count as three entries for the user.  In addition, contestants could obtain additional entries by following @free or one of the affiliate @free accounts (@atfreeiphone, @atfreeandroid).  The contest concluded three days later on October 18th, 2011.

@free involvement:

A blog post was created on this site which explained the contest prizes, rules of entry, and links for users to submit their entries.  @free then tweeted the contest with a link to the blog 1 time per day on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of October.  On the 18th, users could no longer submit entries and @free randomly selected one entry as the winner of the contest.


  • 704 total entries into the contest
  • 153 total tweets about the contest (worth 3 entries)
  • 111 new @free Twitter followers
  • 68 new @atfreeiphone Twitter followers
  • 66 new @atfreedroid Twitter followers

Contest Success:

This contest was highly successful because of both the simple entry requirements and @free’s large and engaged community of followers.  By using a retweet of the contest as an entry requirement, @free was able to generate an incredible buzz about the contest and gain exposure to the online communities of our thousands of followers.  Also, allowing users to submit additional entries by following affiliate @free accounts resulted in an incredible growth of followers for those accounts.  This demonstrates the ability of @free to successfully promote products and services, build a following of enthusiastic followers for accounts, and generate social media buzz.

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