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Free Promotion for Non-Profits

@free and our readers value non-profit organizations and the positive contributions they make to communities.  As thanks for all the good work they do, we are offering two non-profits the opportunity to take part in our sponsorship promotion at no cost.  If your non-profit is chosen, they will receive the same promotion and effort that a paying sponsor would receive, and we will even provide the prize for the sponsorship day.  If your non-profit is not picked, your organization will stay in the pool for three months, and therefore will still have an opportunity to be selected for future promotions.

If you want to learn more about what our daily promotional sponsorship provides, you can visit this page.  If you would like to enter the pool for a chance to be a featured sponsor, please enter your information below, and we will contact those non-profits chosen with details.  We hope you take the time to register your interest so we can get the word out about the positive impact you have on your community.

Your Name
Non-Profit Name
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Optional: If you would like to give something away, you can list it here. Note @free will provide a $50 universal gift card prize, but you are welcome to contribute something specifically related to your organization.
If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to ask them here.