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Clik – A new app that lets you control any screen (with a browser) from your iPhone or Android

A new app called Clik has just launched and it lets you sync your phone with any screen that is connected to a browser. So far, the main purpose of Clik is to instantly watch YouTube videos on a computer, TV, tablet, or other screen with internet connection, and control them through your iPhone or Android. In other words, you can turn your phone into a remote control! In addition, your Iphone or Android does NOT need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network!

Here are the simple directions for how to set Clik up:

1. Download Clik for your iPhone or Android, and open the app.

2. You will be prompted to visit on your TV, computer, or tablet browser.

3. Point your phone’s camera toward the screen at the code that is displayed. It will connect almost instantly.

4. You are now ready to go! The app’s screen will have changed to allow you to control  YouTube videos from your phone. Go ahead and select one, and it will begin playing on the computer, TV, or tablet you are synced with! If you select Muliplayer Mode, then more than one user can connect and control what is played. You can fast-forward, change videos, search, share on Facebook and Twitter, and more! After closing the app or browser, the next time you want to sync you will need to follow this same process to re-connect, but it only takes seconds!

Clik is an amazing app, and its ability to sync your phone to another screen in seconds is remarkable. Download Clik to try it out now, and let us know what you think in our comments section below!

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Free Valentine’s Day offers from Quiznos, Redbox, Ben & Jerry’s, and White Castle

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are many free offers for you to take advantage of this upcoming Tuesday (2/14). Here are four free holiday promotions that you may be interested in, and make sure to share them with your special someone!

Free cookie from Quiznos

Visit your local Quiznos on Valentine’s Day and you can redeem a free cookie, no purchase necessary. All you need to do is visit the link above, print and cut out the coupon, and redeem it at Quiznos. Only a few areas are restricted from this promotion, and this information can be found in the terms printed on the coupon.

Send a free Redbox DVD Rental to your friends to redeem on Valentine’s Day

Requires FB ‘Like’ and share.

Redbox is running a Valentine’s Day promotion in which you can gift a free DVD rental to one, multiple, or all of your Facebook friends! First, you must ‘Like’ the Redbox Facebook page, and click the ‘Valentine’s Day’ tab in the menu on the left. From there, you can click ‘Share’ and select each of the friend’s you would like to share a free DVD with! This is a great free gift to send to your friends, and ask them to return the favor so you can redeem your own free DVD rental!

Free Steven Colbert’s Americone Dream at Ben & Jerry’s on Valentine’s Day

Ben & Jerry’s is offering Steven Colbert’s Americone Dream for free on Tuesday between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm! No coupon or purchase necessary, however you may want to call to double check that your nearest location is participating in this promotion. This would be a great free treat for you and your Valentine!

Free dessert (and other heartfelt mementos) at White Castle

When you think of a romantic dinner with your significant other, the first thought that comes to mind is White Castle. Luckily, White Castle is offering free dessert and other Valentine’s Day mementos on Tuesday the 14th beginning at 5 pm. Reservation is required – no seriously, you must call in to your local White Castle to make a reservation in order to participate in this free promotion. Participating locations can be found in the link above, as well as the phone numbers to call and make the reservation. Act fast and arrange a night that your Valentine will never forget!

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Contest: is giving away cool T-Shirts.

Hello @free readers, Matt here with a new contest sponsored by! Three winners will each receive a t-shirt of their choosing from’s extensive selection of products. Everyone loves a free t-shirt and regardless of your sense of style, you will be able to find something to meet your needs! is one of the leading suppliers of t-shirts online, with a vast selection of products. Categories of their apparel range from funny to vintage, band, movie, sports, pop-culture, and dozens of other categories! In addition, allows the option to create custom shirts. With thousands of high-quality products for you to choose from, this contest offers something for everyone! Even though not everyone will be able to win this contest, you can be informed of discounts, sales, and additional contests for free products by following @Tshirtscom, or becoming a fan on Facebook.

What you can win: will give THREE winners each the ability to choose one T-shirt from their store to receive for free (with free shipping)!

How to enter:

@free will first tweet about the contest. Readers will then need to retweet the contest post, as well as follow the @Tshirtscom twitter account. Failing to follow the @Tshirtscom Twitter account will disqualify any winning entry, so make sure to both retweet and follow! This contest is for U.S. residents only.

Thank you to all of our followers for taking the time to participate in our sponsored contests! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

You can read the full contest rules by clicking here.


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Nintendo to start offering free trials of select new games.

Nintendo is finally making good on their promise to gamers to deliver free trials of select 3DS games.

…Big N appears ready to make good on its DLC promises. Starting tomorrow, gamers visiting the eShop will be able to take a tour of Racoon City and fire off a few shots at its zombie denizens with a downloadable demo ofResident Evil Revelations. The company’s only announced one other title, Mario & Sonic At The London Olympic Games, for later this month, but plans are on deck to refresh the service with new trial content from Rayman Origins and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D


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Four free XBOX Live games.

Aegis Wing

Harms Way

Hexic HD

Doritos Crash Course

Kinect Fun Labs

A fifth bonus one sent to us by Aaron Griffin.  If you find other free Xbox Live games, post a link in the comments and we will add.


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Hope you had a good 2011 and we hope you have a great 2012.

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$10 check mailed to you at no cost.

This is the confirmation screen I got after going through the quick process. -- Josh

NOTE: This offer is no longer available. It lasted a month, but most free offers do eventually end. If you want to stay up to date on free offers, please follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

A new service called Serve wants to compete with PayPal, and to get new customers they are offering $10 that you can request today as a check. Serve is owned by American Express so this is 100% legitimate.  You need to be 18 years of age or older and have a U.S. address. We haven’t tested the sign-up process on mobile.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the whole process and get a $10 check mailed to you:

  1. Go to and signup for a free account.
  2. Note that when entering date of birth use this format 10/10/1910. We had some issues with that. Also it seems like they don’t like special characters in the password so use letters (including at least one upper case) and numbers. Remember not to use the same password as your email and don’t use easy passwords.
  3. Confirm your account with the code they send to your email.
  4. You may need to logout and then log back into your account once you confirmed your email.
  5. You will see that a $10 credit has been applied to your account.
  6. Now you can request a $10 check at no cost.

Note that by signing up for an account you will receive a Serve Pre-Paid Reloadable Card to access your Serve funds and make purchases across the U.S. wherever American Express Cards are accepted. I don’t know if signing up for an account results in a credit check, but my understanding is that it doesn’t.

@free doesn’t get anything for mentioning this offer, we just thought it was pretty cool.  –  Josh



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Two $100 prizes from Wireless Emporium for cell phone accessories

Hello @free readers! Matt here, bringing you an exciting new contest sponsored by Wireless Emporium. Two winners will receive $100 each to spend on cell phone accessories at! The @free team is always looking for contests that nearly all members of our community will find valuable. With just about everyone owning a cell phone these days, we hope you take a moment to get in on the action!

Wireless Emporium is a leading source for cell phone accessories online, offering products for nearly every mobile phone brand on the market. Their selection ranges from covers, faceplates, batteries, chargers, Bluetooths, and just about any other accessory you may need! Don’t have a phone? Wireless Emporium even carries cell phones available for purchase without a contract. Regardless of your needs, this contest will give you a shot at some great free products! And if you don’t win, check out Wireless Emporium’s Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can get great discount codes, and participate in other contests for products!

What you can win:

Wireless Emporium will give TWO winners $100 each to spend at! They offer free shipping, so 100% of the winning prize goes towards new cell phone products!

How to enter:

Use the contest platform below to follow @WirelessEmp on Twitter, then click the green “I did this!” button to enter your name and email address (this is only used to contact you if you win). Doing this will automatically result in THREE ENTRIES to the contest. If you tweet about the contest you get an additional TWO contest entries. Again, this contest will only have two winners so be sure to get your entries in!

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Contest: Six winners will receive a $25 gift card each to spend on Donkey Tees T-shirts and apparel!

Hi everyone, Matt here with @free.  Today’s contest will have the most winners ever, and it is sponsored by DonkeyTees.  For those who are unfamiliar, DonkeyTees is a t-shirt company that specializes in crazy and hilarious clothing that cannot be found anywhere else.  Their pop-culture inspired shirts, hoodies, and more come in over 650 designs, so there is definitely something for everyone!

DonkeyTees have a well developed social media presence and frequently interact with their fans to offer coupons, contests, and even free products! Make sure to check out their Facebook page and Twitter account, (@DonkeyTs), where fans and followers always receive 15% off all products.

What you can win:

DonkeyTs will give SIX winners a $25 gift card each! This will be the most winners for an @free contest yet!  Products include Men’s Tees, Women’s Tees, Hoodies, Kid’s Tees, Adult PJ’s and much more! Winners can choose up to $25 in products, and will not have to worry about shipping costs.

How to enter:

Use the contest platform below to follow @DonkeyTs on Twitter, then click the green “I did this!” button to enter name and email address (this is only used to contact you if you win). This results in three entries to the contest. If you tweet about the contest you get two additional contest entries.  Again, this contest will have six winners so be sure to get your entries in!

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Simple way to get cash back on your online purchases.

By Josh Davis

Ebates gives you a percentage of your purchases back in the form of cash.

  • You still shop at your favorite online stores.
  • There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in, and no fees.
  • You just sign-up, and then when you want to purchase something from your favorite site, you just go to Ebates first and click on their the store link.

It takes less than a minute to sign-up, and they are even offering a bonus $10 gift card once you make a qualified purchase through their site.

Click here to sign-up.

(Note, we get a small referral bonus when you use our link and signup. If you enjoy the free offers we share, this helps us keep sharing them.)

If you want to understand how I use it, here is quick walk-through:

  • When I want to make a purchase at an online store, I go to Ebates and see if that store is featured (They feature 1,200 stores).
  • If it is, I use their link to go to the merchant web site.
  • I make the same purchase I would make anyway.
  • I get a percentage of the purchase back as cash to my Ebates account.

It is that simple.  I use the service, because it only take a couple clicks, and I get cash back for purchase I would make anyway.

Thanks to Debbi Johanning for reminding me of this cool tip just in time for the holidays.

Now is the perfect time to sign-up. Takes less than a minute. 


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