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7 Must Read Tips That Can Save You Money On Textbooks

Textbooks can be a surprisingly expensive part of college. After even one semester, you likely realize how costly they can be. On this page you will find seven tips that can help save real money on textbooks.

1. Many older books are free online

If you are taking a classics or literature class, be sure to check out Books Should Be Free. Not only do they link to thousands of free, public domain books which you can download, but you can also listen to many of the books for free.

2. Ask your friends

Especially if it is a required course, it is possible that one of your friends may have taken the same course last semester. Make sure that a newer edition of the textbook isn’t being used, and then work out a deal/trade with your friend.

3. Use social media

Don’t limit yourself to just asking friends in person or via text about old textbooks, use Facebook or Twitter to see if your extended circle of friends might have the textbooks you need. Also you can ask around to see if their are any forums or Facebook groups where students are posting their textbooks for sale.

4. Check the library

This works best if a textbook is only required for a certain part of class (most libraries won’t let you check a book out for more than a month, sometimes as short as a few hours), but if you are quick, it can be a good option.

5. Rent!

There might be times that a textbook relates to your major and you may want to have it long term, but from students we talked to this is only about 1% of the time. Renting can save quite a bit of money. Your local textbook store may have this option, but we recommend looking online. Book Renter is a site we have used,and they can save you up to 80% off new textbook prices.

6. Talk to your professors

This isn’t always possible to do. You might feel uncomfortable waiting to get a textbook until you have had time to talk to them, but it can save you a ton of money. Some professors are not part of the textbook “money machine”, and will let you know that using older editions is acceptable. Older editions of textbooks often sell for 5-10% of what the current edition sells for ($10 vs $100). You can do a search for and buy older textbook editions on Amazon.

7. Buy used

Most college bookstores will sell you used books, but you can save quite a bit more money buying from Amazon. Not surprising, many used textbooks are often barely opened. Do pay attention to the description of the condition of the book, make sure it is the right edition and be aware that you may need to purchase book early from Amazon so they make it is time for your class.

Josh Davis previously was a bookseller, and bought and sold hundreds of textbooks. There are affiliate links in this post, but all the recommendations are made based on actual experience. He hopes you can use these tips to save money. @universifree  readers provided a number of tips. Thanks to @Saylinu, @Simmy58, @Mgodsey2011, @larisrue, @DiamondCut1902, @heychay, @ndnbhar, @tashak_89 & @mahhhrissa.

Have a tip, add it in the comments.

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@free Reader of the Week: Tim Long

This the third in a series of posts that highlight @free readers! Zakir (@ZakirGhazi) interviews a different @free reader to learn a little bit about them and how they use @free. Submit your information here to be featured.

Thanks Tim for sharing!

Zakir from @free: Tell us about yourself!
Tim Long (@Timothyplong): I’m a  24 year old recent grad from Kent State University living in Cleveland looking for jobs in social media. I enjoy kayaking, basketball, and everything Cleveland.

Are you an avid seeker for free stuff/promotions on social media?
I am constantly on the look out for specials, deals, freebies, and everything in between websites and social media.

How did you find out about @free?
My old room mate told me about @free and how they are always posting different deals across the country!

What promotion or free service did you take advantage of through @free?
Most recently i got a free Redbox rental thanks to @Free posting about it on that day with the secret code. I rented 21 jump street, so funny!

What would you like to see more of or different on @free?
I would like to see more localized options for different major US cities.

Do you follow any other @free accounts?
@atfreeiphone and @universifree have been great

Thanks for reading and being apart of @free, any last words?
 Thanks @free for everything! follow me @timothyplong for retweets and for freebies i find plus other entertaining stuff!

You can submit your information here to be featured.

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Contest: Win a $50 Gift Card to! Two Winners!

Two lucky winners will each receive a $50 gift card to spend at!

How To Enter:

1. Retweet one of the @free tweets promoting this contest.

2. Follow the Twitter account – @FunCostumes.

We will randomly draw two winners at the conclusion of the contest. If a winner has not both retweeted and followed @FunCostumes, they will be replaced by another winner selected at random. Full contest rules.

More About

With thousands of products offered, is one of the top costume retailers online. Don’t let the name fool you – Their themed apparel, accessories, and decorations are great for any event, any time of year! Whether you’re shopping for kids or adults, men or women, or even your dog, has something for everyone. Their costumes include Disney characters, pirates, holiday apparel, 70’s and 80’s costumes, and more! If you are not selected as a winner of this contest, don’t worry! They are currently having a clearance sale of up to 90% off sale items, so make sure to visit and take a look at their huge selection of products! is also holding a Wonder Woman Costume for a Cause Contest. Send them your idea of how you would make a difference in your community if given $500 and a Wonder Woman costume – They will choose the best six ideas, provide them with the money and costume, as well as a video-camera to record the good deeds! You will get to keep the miniature camcorder and costume if selected, and whoever submits the best video will win an additional $200! Signing up is simple, so visit their Wonder Woman page and tell them how you would make a difference!

To connect with follow them on Twitter at @FunCostumes, and like them on Facebook!

If your business would like to build an audience and reach @free readers, you can learn more on our sponsorship page.

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Contest: Win a free weekend stay at Nuvo Hotel Suites!

This contest has been completed. Thanks to Nuvo Hotel Suites for being a great sponsor. The winner is Gabriella Warger.

If you would like to sponsor an @free contest and get a substantial new audience, check out our sponsorship page.

Win a free weekend stay, two nights, at Nuvo Hotel Suites in downtown Calgary, Canada! Value of over $270.00 (USD)!

How To Enter:

1. Retweet one of the @free tweets promoting this contest.

2. Follow the @NuvoHotelSuites Twitter Account.

This contest runs from March 22nd through 10AM CST on March 26th. After that we will no longer accept entries and will randomly select a winner. You can read the full contest rules by clicking here.

This contest is sponsored by Nuvo Hotel Suites!

Are you in need of a vacation? Or maybe you want to explore a new city? Thanks to Nuvo Hotel Suites, you can win a free weekend stay at their boutique hotel in downtown Calgary, Canada!

Nuvo Hotel Suites provides modern, fully furnished studio hotel suites with great free amenities like Wifi, long distance calling within North America, Aveda bath products, and a full kitchen in every room! Their stylish and comfortable rooms are perfect for your next vacation. Conveniently located near many restaurants and shopping areas, as well as museums, theaters, and art galleries, you will have plenty to do during your stay at Nuvo Hotel Suites!

To connect with Nuvo Hotel Suites, visit their website, and make sure to follow them on Twitter!

Thanks so much for participating in our sponsored contest, and good luck!

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Contest: Win a free Amazon Kindle Fire from Page Stationery

This contest has ended. Thanks to Page Stationery for being a great sponsor. The winner is Shannyn Eileen.

If you would like to sponsor an @free contest and get a substantial new audience, check out our sponsorship page.

Win a free Amazon Kindle Fire!

How to enter:
In order to enter this contest, there are three requirements:

1. Retweet one of the @free tweets promoting this contest.


3. Subscribe to the Page Stationery e-mail list by clicking here.

A possible winner will be selected at random, and we will then check to ensure that they have met all three of the entry requirements. If any of the requirements are not met, we will draw until we find a qualified entry.

Note: This contest is for U.S. residents only. You can read the full contest rules by clicking here.

This contest is sponsored by Page Stationery!

Hello @free readers, we are excited to present a new contest sponsored by Page Stationery. One lucky entrant will be selected at random to receive a free Amazon Kindle Fire! The Kindle Fire is a cool piece of technology and a great way to read, so make sure to enter this Page Stationery contest for a chance to win!

Page Stationery is a premier online retailer of custom stationery for events, announcements and special occasions.  Make a sophisticated statement with Page’s collection of uniquely designed wedding invitations, birth announcements and personal stationery.  Make a distinct introduction for you or your business and stay connected with clients with a custom business card or holiday card of the highest quality.  Choose from Page Stationery’s remarkable collection or customize a design to meet your specific need.

Connect with Page Stationery by following  them on Twitter and Facebook and by subscribing to their e-mail newsletter for special offers, insider deals and free goodies.

Good luck, and thank you for participating in our sponsored contest!

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$10 check mailed to you at no cost.

This is the confirmation screen I got after going through the quick process. -- Josh

NOTE: This offer is no longer available. It lasted a month, but most free offers do eventually end. If you want to stay up to date on free offers, please follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

A new service called Serve wants to compete with PayPal, and to get new customers they are offering $10 that you can request today as a check. Serve is owned by American Express so this is 100% legitimate.  You need to be 18 years of age or older and have a U.S. address. We haven’t tested the sign-up process on mobile.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the whole process and get a $10 check mailed to you:

  1. Go to and signup for a free account.
  2. Note that when entering date of birth use this format 10/10/1910. We had some issues with that. Also it seems like they don’t like special characters in the password so use letters (including at least one upper case) and numbers. Remember not to use the same password as your email and don’t use easy passwords.
  3. Confirm your account with the code they send to your email.
  4. You may need to logout and then log back into your account once you confirmed your email.
  5. You will see that a $10 credit has been applied to your account.
  6. Now you can request a $10 check at no cost.

Note that by signing up for an account you will receive a Serve Pre-Paid Reloadable Card to access your Serve funds and make purchases across the U.S. wherever American Express Cards are accepted. I don’t know if signing up for an account results in a credit check, but my understanding is that it doesn’t.

@free doesn’t get anything for mentioning this offer, we just thought it was pretty cool.  –  Josh



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Two $100 prizes from Wireless Emporium for cell phone accessories

Hello @free readers! Matt here, bringing you an exciting new contest sponsored by Wireless Emporium. Two winners will receive $100 each to spend on cell phone accessories at! The @free team is always looking for contests that nearly all members of our community will find valuable. With just about everyone owning a cell phone these days, we hope you take a moment to get in on the action!

Wireless Emporium is a leading source for cell phone accessories online, offering products for nearly every mobile phone brand on the market. Their selection ranges from covers, faceplates, batteries, chargers, Bluetooths, and just about any other accessory you may need! Don’t have a phone? Wireless Emporium even carries cell phones available for purchase without a contract. Regardless of your needs, this contest will give you a shot at some great free products! And if you don’t win, check out Wireless Emporium’s Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can get great discount codes, and participate in other contests for products!

What you can win:

Wireless Emporium will give TWO winners $100 each to spend at! They offer free shipping, so 100% of the winning prize goes towards new cell phone products!

How to enter:

Use the contest platform below to follow @WirelessEmp on Twitter, then click the green “I did this!” button to enter your name and email address (this is only used to contact you if you win). Doing this will automatically result in THREE ENTRIES to the contest. If you tweet about the contest you get an additional TWO contest entries. Again, this contest will only have two winners so be sure to get your entries in!

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Contest: Six winners will receive a $25 gift card each to spend on Donkey Tees T-shirts and apparel!

Hi everyone, Matt here with @free.  Today’s contest will have the most winners ever, and it is sponsored by DonkeyTees.  For those who are unfamiliar, DonkeyTees is a t-shirt company that specializes in crazy and hilarious clothing that cannot be found anywhere else.  Their pop-culture inspired shirts, hoodies, and more come in over 650 designs, so there is definitely something for everyone!

DonkeyTees have a well developed social media presence and frequently interact with their fans to offer coupons, contests, and even free products! Make sure to check out their Facebook page and Twitter account, (@DonkeyTs), where fans and followers always receive 15% off all products.

What you can win:

DonkeyTs will give SIX winners a $25 gift card each! This will be the most winners for an @free contest yet!  Products include Men’s Tees, Women’s Tees, Hoodies, Kid’s Tees, Adult PJ’s and much more! Winners can choose up to $25 in products, and will not have to worry about shipping costs.

How to enter:

Use the contest platform below to follow @DonkeyTs on Twitter, then click the green “I did this!” button to enter name and email address (this is only used to contact you if you win). This results in three entries to the contest. If you tweet about the contest you get two additional contest entries.  Again, this contest will have six winners so be sure to get your entries in!

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Simple way to get cash back on your online purchases.

By Josh Davis

Ebates gives you a percentage of your purchases back in the form of cash.

  • You still shop at your favorite online stores.
  • There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in, and no fees.
  • You just sign-up, and then when you want to purchase something from your favorite site, you just go to Ebates first and click on their the store link.

It takes less than a minute to sign-up, and they are even offering a bonus $10 gift card once you make a qualified purchase through their site.

Click here to sign-up.

(Note, we get a small referral bonus when you use our link and signup. If you enjoy the free offers we share, this helps us keep sharing them.)

If you want to understand how I use it, here is quick walk-through:

  • When I want to make a purchase at an online store, I go to Ebates and see if that store is featured (They feature 1,200 stores).
  • If it is, I use their link to go to the merchant web site.
  • I make the same purchase I would make anyway.
  • I get a percentage of the purchase back as cash to my Ebates account.

It is that simple.  I use the service, because it only take a couple clicks, and I get cash back for purchase I would make anyway.

Thanks to Debbi Johanning for reminding me of this cool tip just in time for the holidays.

Now is the perfect time to sign-up. Takes less than a minute. 


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Support Pets for Patriots and have a chance to win a $50 Gift Card of your choice!

@free and our readers are proud to support non-profit organizations and the contributions they make to our community. Our latest contest is for a $50 gift card of the winner’s choice, and will support Pets for Patriots, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. This promotion is for a great cause and one we know you’ll want to support through your participation.

Pets for Patriots connects adult and other at-risk shelter dogs and cats with service and veteran members of the United States military – animals that face near-certain death if not adopted. To help ensure the longevity of these connections, the charity provides access to ongoing, discounted veterinary care and direct contributions to help veterans in their program more easily afford pet food and other essentials. With each adoption, an animal’s life is saved and a veteran gains a new sense of purpose in life. Please visit for more information on their mission and work, and how you can get involved.

The prize for our winner:

A $50 gift card of the winner’s choice

How to enter:

Use the contest platform below to follow @PetsforPatriots on Twitter then click the green “I did this!” button to enter name and email address (this is only used to contact you if you win). This results in three entries to the contest. If you tweet about the contest you will earn two additional contest entries.

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