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Media Relations (PR)

Hi, Josh here with @free.  The @free story has a number of compelling elements, and we would like to share those with interested media organizations.

I am looking for people who have experience in media and public relations to help tell the @free story as well as be a point of contact for media organizations who want information on free marketing and other topics @free has exceptional knowledge in.  This is a priority at @free and you would be working directly with me and our team to help tell our story and make important connections in the media. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please keep reading for all the details.

This is a volunteer position. There is no pay involved, but it is a great opportunity.

You would be responsible for:

  • Researching and creating a media list of individuals covering areas where @free has an expertise or where the @free story may be of interest.
  • Reaching out to writers and the media in a way that understands what they do and present potential story ideas and resource that could be useful to them.
  • Tweeting from the @free Twitter account in order to reach out to individuals in media.
  • Get support from our team to craft a media kit that provides copy, contact information and images about @free.
  • Be a first point of contact and a resource to those in the media who want to cover @free or need an expert opinion in the fields we excel in.

Depending on the number of applications we receive for the position, you could be the only person doing media relations work or you may be part of a team.


  • Strong writing skills.
  • Active social media use, particularly Twitter.
  • Demonstrable experience with reaching out to people you don’t know to make initial contact.
  • A willingness to do revisions to work based on feedback.
  • Experience representing an organization (even if it is a local or school club).


  • Previous experience working in Media and Public Relations.
  • Familiarity what types of offers @free has featured in the past.
  • College junior or older.
  • Experience working in a team environment.

What’s in it for you:

  • Go beyond the traditional intern experience. With @free you will be creating and doing, not just supporting others.
  • Use the @free name to establish valuable relationships with media contacts (bloggers, journalists and TV) that you can use for years to come.
  • Experience and a reference you can add to your resume.  If you put in the work, I am happy to be a reference for you.
  • With consistent work, have your picture, bio and title listed on the @free Team page.
  • Potential to expand your role into other communication and marketing areas if you choose.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out the form below and submit it.  I will use the contact information to let you know once we have made a decision.  You should hear back from me in less than weeks. Thanks.


Please write a couple sentences about why you think this opportunity would be a good fit for your.
Any past or present experiences or work you think shows that this would be a good position for you. If you have any work not on the web, you can email it to